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Skokie Valley Astronomers—Links

Astronomy Links


  1. Other Amateur Astronomy Clubs
  2. General Astronomy
  3. Star Chart Software
  4. Astronomy Math, Programming and Data

Other Amateur Astronomy Clubs

  1. Northwest Suburban Astronomers
  2. The Lake County Astronomical Society
  3. The Fox Valley Astronomical Society
  4. Chicago Astronomical Society
  5. Twin City Amateur Astronomers
  6. Astronomy Clubs in Illinois

General Astronomy

  1. Dale Dellutri's Astronomy hobby page
  2. DaleDellutri.com - Positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets - Ryerson
  3. Edward L. Ryerson Conservation Area (Ryerson Woods)
  4. Adler Planetarium
  5. Adler Podcasts
  6. Astronomical League Home Page
  7. Starts With a Bang!
  8. Bad Astronomy
  9. Astrobites | the astro-ph reader's digest
  10. Linux Astronomy HOWTO
  11. Science @ NASA
  12. NASA - NASA Kids' Club Home Page
  13. Attilla Danko's Clear Sky Clock
  14. Astronomy Picture of the Day
  15. Skymaps.com - Publication Quality Sky Maps & Star Charts
  16. Astronomy Magazine - Astronomy.com
  17. Sky and Telescope Magazine -- Home Page
  18. Clark Planetarium
  19. Abrams Planetarium
  20. Frequently Asked Questions About Being an Astronomer
  21. An Atlas of The Universe
  22. Amateur Astronomy - Astrophotos of the northern constellations with outlines and points of interest named.
  23. Uncle Rod Mollise's Astro Land!
  24. Frequently Asked Questions for sci.astro [Astronomy]
  25. Astronomiae Historia / History of Astronomy
  26. Stars and Constellations
  27. Catastrophism
  28. Your Sky Help: Historical Skies
  29. SkyEye - 88 Constellations
  30. The Calendar FAQ
  31. University of Chicago, Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  32. Moon Illusion - Psychology Department, Langara College, BC, CA
  33. Phil Plait's Astronomy Blog
  34. NOAA's Aviation Digital Data Service - Satellite
  35. Lunar & Planetary Laboratory
  36. The Night Sky This Week
  37. Build a Solar System
  38. The Planetary Society
  39. Star Date Online - Your Guide to the Universe
  40. Nebra Sky Disk—Wikipedia.org
  41. NASA on The Commons' photostream
  42. Astronomy—Best Education Sites
  43. The University of California High Performance AstroComputing Center : Home
  44. StarTalk Radio Show by Neil deGrasse Tyson
  45. Sky Marvels
  46. NASA's History as a Public Administration Agency
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Star Chart Software

  1. Planetarium Software
  2. Clear Sky Institute Inc (XEphem)
  3. SkyMap Software Home Page
  4. StarCalc Home Page [English]
  5. Han Kleijn's index (HNSKY Planetarium Porgram)
  6. Deep Sky 2000
  7. Welcome to Skyhound by CapellaSoft
  8. LinuxAstro Software
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Astronomy Math, Programming and Data

  1. Astronomical Calculations - approximate methods for planet, Sun and Moon
  2. USNO Astronomical Applications Department
  3. The Astronomical Almanac
  4. Astronomy C/C++ source code
  5. Astronomy downloadable software
  6. Astro Computing - Astro Utilities Electronic Book
  7. CDS, Strasbourg -- Home page
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Clear Dark Sky Clock

Attilla Danko maintains the Clear Dark Sky Clock which is, in his own words, "an attempt to show at a glance when, in the next 48 hours, we might expect clear and dark skies for one of many observing sites." Here's one for Lincolnshire IL (near Riverwoods):

[Dark Sky Clock for Lincolnshire]

Northern Lights Newsletter

NCRAL, the North Central Region of the Astronomical League, maintains a newsletter. Here is the most recent issue: Northern Lights Winter 2018

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