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Skokie Valley Astronomers—Meetings


Skokie Valley Astronomers meet at 8 PM on the second Friday of every month at the Welcome Center of the Edward L. Ryerson Conservation Area (also known as the Ryerson Woods) in Deerfield, IL. All of our meetings are open to the public. You're invited!

Our meetings usually start with a presentation on some aspect of astronomy, and then we move outside for viewing the sky if the weather permits. Many of our members bring telescopes to each meeting, and they love to let everyone have a look. If you're interested in amateur astronomy, or even if you're just curious, please come to one of our meetings.

Click here to find out if a meeting has been cancelled. The notice will be updated before 3 PM on the day of the meeting.

2018 Schedule

Date Presentation Speaker Moon Phase

April 13 TLC For a Big Telescope Michelle Nichols 25°W – New Moon
Michelle Nichols, Master Educator at Adler Planetarium, will talk about how the Adler Planetarium teamed with experts from the Fox Valley Astronomical Society to bring the 20 inch Doane telescope back to life (and hear how a bathroom hair dryer played a part!).

May 11 Antimatter Gretchen Patti 44°W – New Moon

June 8 Space Debris and Solar System Visitors Jeff Schmitz 62°W – Last Quarter

July 13 Gravitational Waves Dr Andrew Rivers 14°E – New Moon
Dr Andrew Rivers, Distinguished Senior Lecturer at Northwestern University, will talk about gravitational waves.

August 10 Tabby's Star and Other Discoveries Jim Kovac 4°W – New Moon
Jim Kovac, NASA Solar System Ambassador, will talk about the latest discoveries concerning Tabby's Star.

September 14 Are We Prepared For the Next Carrington Event? Dale Dellutri 68°E – First Quarter
Club member Dale Dellutri will talk about what would happen to our modern interconnected, fully-wired society if a solar coronal mass ejection as strong as the Carrington Event were to strike the Earth.

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